Friday, October 21, 2016

Green Power. Phyte For Your Fight

Who does not want to feel better and perform at their peak? Deep down we all care about ourselves. Do you want to feel better, have more energy, think more clearly, have more stamina or less pain from inflammation and even lose weight? Then here are two of my favorite and most successful recommendations that I have given to people for about 15 years. I had a fitness & wellness business for 20 years and I have been doing these two secret strategies for more that 15 years and it keeps me as fit at 49 years old as I was in my 20's and I can still participate in the grueling Spartan races and finish in the top 10% of all racers in all age groups. Do you want to know what these two "secret" tools to wellness are? Well, here you go. 1.) Start your day by drinking a glass of water with lemon juice as soon as you get up. I drink cool water but some suggest room temperature water. Pour a glass then squeeze 1/4 to 1/2 of a fresh lemon into the water. Or for more convenience, I often use Organic lemon juice in a bottle and squeeze about 1 tablespoon or more of juice into my water. 2.) Then get your Greens & Green Superfoods. We all don't have enough time it seems and have a hard time getting enough healthy fresh leafy greens like, kale, spinach, collard, chard, wheatgrass, sprouts or more. So what do you do? I take a powdered organic Superfood supplement and have for years. Recently, I switched to a handy single serving packet so that even when I am in a hurry and on the go, I can take them with me and mix in some water or juice while I am running around, at work or whenever it's convenient. So you should eat more dark leafy greens and phyto-nutrients. If you can't find the time, convenience or desire to consume more then wouldn't it be great to be able to grab a handy single serving pouch with an organic concentration of nutrition equal to 3 servings of dark green leafy vegetables & phytonutrients that tastes great? These handy single serve packs are great for people who want to become healthier & more vibrant as well as those already engaged in the active lifestyle and people on the go. You can take them with you anywhere. Don't forget your greens and get yours today. If you want to explore more information or order yours - Click Here