Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ten Ways To Conserve Energy At Home

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When you conserve energy in the home you not only reduce the total consumption of fuels such as oil and coal you also help protect the environment by reducing the amount of total CO2 emissions produced by your home.

1.)Turn out all lights when they are not in use or your out of the room.
2.)Change the light bulbs inside and outside your home to the CFL or LED variety.
3.)Put Your Computer(s)in sleep or hibernate mode when not in use instead of using a screen saver which uses more energy than when the computer is in use.
4.)Take shorter showers and switch to a low flow shower head. Keep them under 5 min.
5.)Put dimmer switches on light fixtures and run the lights below full wattage.
6.)Turn up the thermostat(3-4 degrees)in the summer and down in the winter. The a/c and heater will run less.
7.)Open windows in morning and evening and run the a/c less
8.)Adjust the thermostat up or down on your refrigerator to 37 degrees and the freezer to 3 degrees or as close to that as possible. The fridge accounts for 20% of the energy consumption of your home.
9.)Go outside more often and get the children outside instead of watching tv, playing video games or using the computer.
10.)Turn down the thermostat on your water heater. Set it at 120 degrees. If every home in the US did this one step, we would eliminate over 40 million pounds of CO2 emissions annually.

These ten simple ways to conserve energy at home will not only save you hundreds of dollars per year it will help reduce CO2 emissions thus saving the environment and having a significant impact on global warming. If every household in the US turned down their water heater and changed their light bulbs to more energy efficient choices, this would reduce CO2 emissions by billions of pounds annually while also reducing oil consumption by millions of barrels per year.

If you want more tips and strategies to conserve energy, visit Twenty Things You Can Do To Conserve Energy or the Home Energy Saver Audit Tool


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