Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Recycling Made Easy with

How can you get involved in making the world a better place? A few simple ways would be to first begin recycling products that you purchase & have laying around. Many of you already participate since some communities have recycling as part of the garbage service that picks up certain paper, glass, plastic products. If you don't recycle then start today and for at least a week recycle all product packaging, magazines, papers, envelopes etc. Clean out your garage and house. Take these special recycling products not processed through your garbage service to a recycling facility in your area. To make this process easier you can check out Earth to find a recycling center near you: Search For Recycling Centers Interestingly, provides a handy Apple Iphone app to help you learn about local recycling in your area. They also have a RecycleMe(tm) labeling program for businesses to help them help consumers recycle their products insuring there product life cycle loop gets closed by improving the end of life cycle for their products.

** The US E.P.A estimates that 75% of human waste is recyclable **

The second simple way to Change The World and make a sustainable impact this week is to start Composting. Starting a compost pile or bin is easier than you might think and there are lots of easy ways to get started. Here is a great way to start: 8 Ways To Green Your Trash. Start composting at home today in the kitchen or in the backyard. If you already recycle and compost, leave me a comment with your suggestions & tips. Thanks.

** Every American Throw Away 1.3lbs of food scraps daily **
** 24% of Landfill Waste is Food scraps and Lawn trimmings **

If your a blogger, want to increase your blog exposure & audience while making a sustainable impact and would like to participate in this weeks Change The World Wednesday's Challenge, here is how you can join in. First begin to follow the weekly challenge for 7 days{Get Weekly Challenge}, write a post about it. Leave a comment on my blog under this weeks Change The World Wednesday's Challenge post with the link to your blog post. Your post will be featured in the Change The World Wednesday's coveted "Honor Society" with a live link to your blog post. Change The World Wednesday's weekly sustainable living challenge was started by my friend Small Footprints. This week's challenge idea came from my friend Amybyrd21 at The Wayland Springs Cook

For more information about Reduce/Reuse/Recycle and more visit:
United States EPA

Source: Earth

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Here is our Change The World Wednesday's Weekly Honor Society:

Gaia Tribe
Nature With Me
See Why Kinsman
Tender Graces
Kathryn Magendie
Kelly's Ideas
Ann - from Last week's challenge
Live Smart

Thanks to everyone who participated and to those who offered us cleaning recipes. A special thanks to TonyBeach for coming on board and supporting the cause widely through his network.



very good post.

TC said...

Thanks Aree. I invited you to join the Change The World Group At Blog Catalog Change The World and participate in the weekly challenge. I hope you will participate and spread the word to get others involved.

Joe Todd said...

Enjoyed the post.

TC said...

Thanks for stopping by Joe and also for joining in our group and campaign to Change The World
More information on it Here

Sinclair said...

I added the Honor Society list to my post as well.

Anok said...

Awesome challenge, we already have reduced our no recycled garbage output to only 1-2 bags per week, tops. But we do have to have 2 recycle bins... :D To up the challenge, maybe we should see who can find or identify what items can be composted for later use in the garden?

I'll start with a hint - coffee grounds are AWESOME for composting.

I Am Agel said...

Thank you TC for the kind mention...After I saw that just now...I gave you a special shout out to my 10,549 special Tweeter friends....hope you don't mind that!
That was here..

I'll do it here to my other account of 1208..
Anthony Beach

TC said...

@ Sinclair..Great thank you.
@ Anok..that is a great idea. Amybyrd21 from BC has a great post on 163 things you can compost and the Earth 911 give great suggestions under the tab - Household then click on composting. Good stuff.

cindy said...

Hi TC,

I enjoyed this post (dig your entire blog, actually) and appreciate how you are supporting Small Footprints and the Change the World Challenge. I've added a post on my blog to get involved. Ya, it's Thursday, but better late than never!

Cheers, cgn

TC said...

@ tony - Thanks for the shout to your Twitter friends. Much appreciated

@ Cindy - Thanks and I'm glad you enjoyed my blog. Come back often & stay in touch. I'll check out your wordpress blog because it looks like you blogger isn't active.

Anonymous said...

Thanks TC for visiting my blog and the kind mention. I'm glad to join at Blog Catalog Change the World. I've already participated in the recent weekly challenge. Hoping you love it :-)