Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Number # 1 Food Trend For Health

The #1 food trend for health is Probiotics. What are Probiotics? The US Probiotic Organization states that they are "live microorganisms which when administered in adequate amount confer a health benefit on the host." When it comes to staying healthy and preventing disease you should consider adding probiotics to your daily regimen. Scientists are learning more each day about the role of microbes in keeping people healthy and the multitude of health benefits associated with consuming the right type and levels of probiotic microbes.

Probiotics was the number #1 food trend in 2008 and continues today to be at the forefront of food trends for health. It is not hard to understand why. As our society continues to grow fatter, develop more chronic degenerative disease, and suffer from pain, fatigue or worse, there are those seeking to change that tune and get as healthy as possible. Others that know the benefits of good health & seek to embrace the fact that if your body is effectively digesting, processing, utilizing and eliminating food then your health and immune systems will be improved. Research at Harvard University & discussed by the U.S. Probiotic Organization says that probiotics can be helpful for multiple conditions of poor health from preventing childhood allergies, decreased cancer risk, preventing dental carries, alleviating irritable bowel syndrome, preventing & eliminating yeast infections & candida, aid in treatment for Crohn's disease and more. Probiotics boost the immune system. They may also prevent multiple forms of digestive tract cancers like Colon Cancer. I personally have worked with and encountered many people that attest to the benefits of probiotics and superfoods. Thousands of people are using products like Superfood supplements containing probiotic organisms, probiotic capsules or tablets and the new generation of dairy free probiotic drinks.

The most well known way to get probiotics is yogurt but most yogurts are made with milk from cows treated with growth hormone or antibiotics that can be detrimental to your wellbeing & counteract the benefits of the probiotics. They also contribute to the development of allergies to dairy. Probiotics are beneficial however there are some conditions in which you will want to seek a qualified professionals advice regarding their use. That would be if you have a compromised or weakened immune system such as in the case of HIV and are taking certain medications. Certain probiotic organisms may want to be avoided in these individuals.

People using probiotics know that they feel better, have more energy, less fatigue, less pain & have regular bowel function. A company that I recently discovered is Good Belly. Good Belly was founded by Steve Demos ad Todd Beckman (formerly of White Wave - Largest producer of Soy products in the US) Read more about their story of GoodBelly at Good What makes GoodBelly's products particularly appealing is that their products are dairy free which is substantial due to the fact that a large percentage of adults and children have some level of lactose or dairy intolerance and you don't have to worry about the hormones & antibiotics found in many dairy products including yogurt. They also us LP299v which is a naturally occurring probiotic organism found in the human digestive system used by millions in Sweden for more than 13 years with no harmful effects. I am not getting paid by GoodBelly or selling the product but just thought you should know about them. Have a great day and click the links for more information.

GoodBelly Store Locator
The Studies on Good Belly
The Story Of Lactobacillus plantarum 299v
Research documentation on Lp299v

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Annie said...

Does Kombucha count? I have been drinking it for years. Although the taste isn't my favorite, it does help me stay focused, alert, and gives me energy.

TC said...

I drink Kombucha occasionally as well. The one I like best is the grape flavored one I find in the cooler section at Whole Foods or Earth Fare. The name escapes me right now. It gives me a boost as well. Kombucha is actually a colony of bacteria so it could be considered a probiotic. Many people would have a hard time with the taste. But hardcore's like you and I will drink it for the benefit and overlook the taste issue. That being said, the one I drink I actually like the taste.

Ariel at GoodBelly said...

Thanks for posting about GoodBelly, and the benefits of probiotics!

Annie & TC --
Dr. Bauer, from the Mayo Clinic, wrote a piece about kombucha which might be helpful as a reference:

GoodBelly contains the probiotic strain lp299v (lactobacillus plantarum 299v) which has years of clinical research reporting its beneficial impact on digestion as well as immune health.

Feel free to contact me at should you have any questions about it.

Ariel at GoodBelly

Brian the old man said...

Thanks for the information. I believe I will start drinking this as well.

TC said...

Hey Brian. How's it going? Glad to see you stop by again. I hope it helps.

TC said...

@ Ariel - your welcome about the post. I like your products very much. The info from Mayo Clinic - I read it & it is good info.

Elizabeth said...

I use proibotic supplements, Dr. Udo's. They work. There is a big difference when I run out and don't use them for days. They really do help with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

M. Hopson said...

I prefer homemade yogurt and kefir over the ones bought at the store. At least i know the ingredients that I put on my yogurt :P Sauerkraut, kimchi and miso are also good probiotic foods. For supplements, I get mine here and it really works well for me :)

Yakult Gal said...

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