Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Change The World Wednesday's

It is Wednesday therefore it must be time for Change The World Wednesday's.
If you don’t know about
Change The World Wednesday's, it is a program engaged by the blogging community to spread knowledge and create collaboration on issues focused on improving the world we all live in by collectively engaging in a weekly activity to be in some way more sustainable or environmentally friendly. This brilliant concept was introduced by my friend Reduce Footprints.

Last week's challenge dealt with food and going vegetarian. The focus was meatless meals. And, as usual, our Honor Society met the challenge. I hope you'll visit some of these sites because there are some fabulous recipes listed. Recipes that, I'm sure, could make the most devout carnivore turn vegetarian. One of the members wrote a hilariously funny post that looked at meatless meals from a completely different point of view. Thanks to everyone who participated:

Connie Mishali
Sober White Women
Elizabeth Barrette
Management Consultant
Tim C

So are you ready for this weeks challenge? Here it is:

Most commercial cleaners, commonly available in stores today, contain harsh chemicals ... many, of which, harm the environment. So this week, try an Eco-friendly cleaner ... something that doesn't hurt the environment or us. For some suggestions, check here:

Cleaning The Environmentally Safe Way
Kate Reveals Her All Natural Cleaning

If you only use Eco-friendly cleaners, share your favorite cleaner/recipe with us and talk about why it's your favorite on a blog post and let us know and or please leave a comment with the recipe on this post's comment section. Thanks.

Here is my All Purpose Cleaner Recipe:
3 cups water ( or warm/hot water )
30 drops of Lavender Essential Oil
3/4 cup white vinegar
20 drops of Tea Tree Essential Oil (optional)
Pour into spray bottle and use like any conventional all purpose cleaner.

Another blogging friend of mine has a great recipe for a bleach/brightener substitute. Get the recipe fromWayland Cook.

What do you think? Is it something you're willing to try? If you're new to our challenges, please review the Change The World Wednesday's Challenge Guidelines to read all about it and get the "rules". And remember, anyone who accepts the challenge gets a place in our highly touted "Honor Society" (just leave a comment ... it's as simple as that). Anyone who writes a post about it, gets that post "Stumbled" (just be sure to let me know about it, okay). If you're on Twitter, join us in tweeting about it (my ID = tcinvestor and Reduce Footprints is = Smallftprints). Include the tag #changetheworldwed ... maybe we can start a trend.

We're changing the world ... one challenge at a time!
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kate said...

ANYTHING with tea tree is an instant favorite of mine! gonna try this ASAP! thanks for following the Holdfast Seeker, I've added you to my list -kate

TC said...

Sure thing Kate. Yea, I as well really like tea tree oil especially for it's antiseptic properties.

Unknown said...

Dear friend, thank you for your encouraging comments on my blog I like your message and also following your blog. In participation to this post I'm encouraging people to exercise an hour a day and eat right with lots of fruits/vegetables in replacement of popping pills to solve your health and mental problems.

TC said...

Thanks Kyle. Glad your helping to spread the knowledge & awareness to help others achieve wellness.

Unknown said...

Ooooh ... your all purpose cleaner sounds fabulous! Tea tree oil is so wonderful and should give your cleaner an extra antiseptic boost ... and with the lavender ... bet this cleaner leaves one's home smelling wonderful ... like a breath of fresh air.

Very cool to post the "Honor Society" ... there are a whole lot of people doing really wonderful things (as are you). Makes me feel very hopeful for the health of the earth and ... us.

Have a wonderful day (sun is out right now).

Take care, my friend!

Small Footprints

TC said...

Yea thanks. Small Footprints. I got the lavender idea from one of my clients about 6 years ago. She used vinegar & lavender with a water to clean her windows. If we each keep working on small changes we can have a big impact. Thanks for coming up with the great idea for the weekly challenge.

Unknown said...

BTW ... are you on twitter? I've just tweeted your post. My id - smallftprints.


TC said...

I just started but haven't used it much. I just started to follow you now and posted a tweet. I didn't receive your tweet yet. See ya.

kate said...

HI again! I got your comment. I actually did a post about all natural cleaning products back in April so I'm not going to do another one (not much free time chasing a ten month old around!) but here's the link to the older post:

thanks! happy cleaning! -kate

TC said...

Thanks Kate. Great ideas. I added your link into the post. Congrats on the baby. I know you must be wishing you had a third hand & 5 more hours in the day.

Elizabeth Barrette said...

Hey, thanks for echoing this from Reduce Footprints! I have started working with "Save the World Wednesdays" topics on Gaiatribe but usually posting them a day or few later in the week. This week's post is about green cleaners.

TC said...

Yep. I added my All Purpose Cleaning Recipe to this weeks Challenge. Everyone seems to like the tea tree oil add with the lavender.

S Engelmohr said...

Thanks for the post. I have become a follower and have posted your link to my site.

Thanks again, Shari

Chandan said...

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