Monday, July 6, 2009

This Is What Is Really Making You FAT?

One source of carbohydrates has been the primary contributor to the obesity and diabetes epidemics in America as well as other countries and which is also implicated as a culprit of many other chronic health conditions. This source is simple carbohydrates or simple sugars, mainly HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP(HFCS). It is rampant everywhere from soda to salad dressings from cereals and snack bars to sports drinks. If you start reading your food labels you will see it in the majority of all processed foods. So if you want to improve your well being, eliminate everything that contains it from your diet. READ THE LABELS.

One of HFCS’s problems is that it doesn’t trigger the hormone Leptin by lacking to initiate the insulin response to blood sugar regulation. Leptin triggers the brain to send signals to tell you when to stop eating. So guess what? You’re probably going to consume more than you should. In addition, the large doses of unregulated HFCS lead to large amounts of Acetyl CoA. This substance is the precursor to fatty acid synthesis. Basically, this means that the body is taking in a large amount of something that is triggering the cells to store and create fat deposition.

High Fructose Corn Syrup is a cheap food additive and sweetener. Most of which is made from genetically modified corn. The way HFCS is kept cheap as opposed to sugar is that the federal government provides subsidies to the corn farming industry while keeping tariffs high on imported sugar. This keeps the cost of HFCS low so large agribusiness producers will opt to use it over sugar to reduce costs since it is hyper sweet and less is required to sweeten products.

In my opinion, it is a leading culprit causing the health of people to be destroyed. It is directly or indirectly a leading contributor to obesity in the US that is also subsequently linked by default to cancer and heart disease. Almost half of the products you will find on supermarket shelves have HFCS in them. These HFCS containing products are often high in calories and low in nutritional value and HFCS can cause your body to think it is hungry leading you to consume more food than necessary. These may be just some of the factors in the negative ramifications of HFCS leading to obesity. The research in support of HFCS saying that it is not less healthy than other sweeteners and doesn’t cause obesity is research funded by the beverage industry. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition states that the “sole caloric sweetener in soft drinks in the United States” is high fructose corn syrup. Whose interests do you think they are trying to protect with that research on HFCS? I stress again. Get off HFCS and read your labels. Use natural sweeteners such as
Agave Nectar & Raw Honey but in moderation. Eat less processed food and more real raw fresh foods. Simple ideas but takes your action to make it effective to prevent weight and health problems for you and or your children.

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Cascia Talbert said...

Great article. A lot of people are not aware of how harmful HFCS really is for you. I make sure I don't serve anything to my family that contains HFCS.

Aspen Real Life said...

Hey Tim,

Once again I am impressed with your information.

Ironically, I was just telling my boys that we were cutting high fructose syrup products out of our diet.

Realistically, I cannot deprive them of sweets since I grew up on them and it is all part of being a kid but I will try to keep the ingredients as raw as possible.

The Neil said...

I have been wary of HFCS for years now, as the data comes in and people realize the dangers of consuming these processed foods, hopefully this will phase out its consumption. Thats why I prefer the Primal Diet, I talk about it on

Anonymous said...


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Good Work Done!!!