Friday, July 17, 2009

Swine Flu Update

Here is a great video presentation from Barbara Loe Fisher from the NVIC-National Vaccine Information Center with clear, detailed information regarding vaccination that you need to know now.
Watch The Vaccine Information Center Video

Here is today's update on the Swine Flu (H1N1): the CDC - Center for Disease Control, has today stated that they expect an increase in the Swine Flu cases in the coming months. They also confirmed that there is over one million cases in the US. It still is relatively mild and has not mutated to become more virulent yet. It is still progressing around the globe. The manufacturers of vaccines have stated that they are running into problems with developing the vaccine and that there will not be enough vaccine to go around come this fall. Expect a battle for the drugs between nations and that there will be a shortfall of vaccine to go around. Hopefully, the media will keep a tempered tone and and not stir things up. My opinion, don't get to reliant on the purported "wonder drugs". Be cautious of any vaccine, especially one that is produced rapidly without effective testing. Do a little research on vaccines. You may be surprised what you will find. Are they really that effective? Do they cause harm? What do you think?

Also, there is a bill congressional bill, HR 2618, making it's way through congress that is supposed to provide better investigation into vaccines and assign an independent agency within the HHS Dept. for oversight. Agencies within agencies don't have a great track record of effectively protecting your health. In addition, aspects of the bill in it's current form may not allow the public to know what is in the vaccine or what the potential side effects are. This causes me some concern. Stay on top of this legislation & voice your concerns at: Gov't Tracks So be vigilant. Go to this site Live Smart Today and scroll down to the Swine Flu area & find out the top three things you should get today to prevent and manage any flu naturally. Also, get your body's immune system in peak condition. Use this site to find out how: SuperFoods For Peak Health

This virus will be around for awhile. Stay informed. Get healthy and eat as much healthy raw food as you can. Live Smarter. Here is more
Swine Flu vaccine Info to get "prepared". To keep abreast of the info Visit Medical News Today and The Center For Infectious Disease Research and Policy To get information of Flu Preparedness: Visit Pandemic Flu Preparedness to get the tips from the CDC

This is something else that you should know: It's your health: Please Read


Elizabeth Barrette said...

>> In addition, aspects of the bill in it's current form may not allow the public to know what is in the vaccine or what the potential side effects are.<<

That's extremely alarming. It violates the principle of informed consent. People cannot make sound decisions with incomplete or bad data.

Cascia Talbert said...

I didn't know that this was still bad. You don't hear about it much in the news anymore.