Sunday, July 26, 2009

How You Can Prevent Cancer: The Number #1 Strategy

How can you prevent cancer? The number one thing you can do to prevent cancer is by maintaining a balanced pH level in your body. Virtually all degenerative diseases including cancer, heart disease, arthritis, osteoporosis, kidney and gall stones, and even tooth decay are associated with excess acidity in the body. Your body is a finely tuned mechanism that will seek to maintain a constant pH 7.4 in the blood. This is what is called homeostasis. This mechanism works by depositing and withdrawing acid and alkaline minerals from foods we consume or from the bones, soft tissues, body fluids and saliva. The Nobel Prize in Medicine was given in 1931 for the discovery that cancer occurs in the absence of free oxygen. Alkaline solutions (above 7.0pH) absorb oxygen, as much as 100 times more oxygen than mild acid solutions. Therefore, keeping your body alkaline will help it to absorb more oxygen.

The perfect pH balance for your body is 7.3-7.5. Your goal is to maintain it in or above that range. Why? Because cancer cannot exist in a strong alkaline environment, the cancer cells die. In addition, all forms of arthritis are associated with excess acidity. In almost all cases, if you improve the alkalinity of your body it will eliminate much of the inflammation in your body whereby eliminating the pain associated with arthritis. No matter what your health situation is, you can monitor your progress toward a proper acid/alkaline balance by testing your saliva pH. You can use these easy pH test strips to monitor your pH level.

Once you know where your at, you start taking action. There are many ways to create pH balance & prevent your body from becoming to acidic. To maintain the pH balance of the body you must consume lots of fresh vegetables, greens, grasses and fruits. Eating raw fresh produce is important because once you cook or process raw fresh vegetables and fruits it destroys most of the enzymes necessary to create the alkalinity. Green grasses such as barley or wheatgrass are of the lowest-calorie, lowest-sugar and most nutrient-rich foods on earth, and contain high amounts of fiber. The easiest way to incorporate them into your diet is through a Superfood supplement that will also contain probiotic enzymes to heal & maintain your internal systems.

So start today. Test your pH, eat more fresh vegetables and or drink fresh vegetable juices, consume sprouted vegetables (alfalfa sprouts, mung bean sprouts etc.)and take a Superfood supplement.

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Liggy said...

Yes, that is so true, TC. As a customer service rep for a health and wellness company, I've worked directly with nutritional researchers who have published articles and books about this. pH definitely is a big factor in maintaining health and preventing diseases. We need to try to get the word out to more people, especially the underprivileged and change their mindset. Soft drinks and colas are very acidic drinks and yet our society consumes so much of it. No wonder our kids keep getting sick.

Another Blogger said...

This is really good article. I have two beloved persons died coz cancer :(

Anonymous said...

Great Information! Another reason to love those veggies and fruits.

Brian, the old man

Unknown said...

Thank you for this article. I really learned a lot. I have always heard that fruits and vegetables are good ... and I've suspected that a vegetarian diet helps in the prevention of many diseases ... but this article gave me the facts.

Off topic ... yep, went to Belle Chere ... wouldn't miss it. :) Did you go?

Take Care!

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Cascia Talbert said...

It is so important to include fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. I know I need to start eating more.

Linda Wilhite said...

Great post. Sadly, most people are not aware of the vital role pH plays in our health. Thanks for sharing this information.


Hi thanks for very nice comment you blog very good info keep you spirit up.

Zoltaker said...

many people die on cancer but their is a cheaper way to prevent it by eating veggies. Try the vegetable recipes at tanya's site, for recipes that suits you and your healthy living.

Peter Arnold said...

Thanks for the article. Prevention is the key in fighting cancer and I think most people have heard about the health benefits of eating quality fruits and veggies. Its just that knowing and doing are two different things.