Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Best Workout Routine To Burn Fat

The best workout routine to burn fat is the workout program that so many people are seeking. The web is covered with fat burning workout programs and ads suggesting themselves as the best or greatest fat burning workout program. The choices seem endless. How to lose weight and get in shape will continue as one of the single greatest challenges and undertakings of people all over the world. My suggestions to you are simple and basic but effective to lose weight and burn off unwanted fat. It is important to note that for any routine you use to be fully effective, it must incorporate sensible eating and healthy nutritious food. Most people fail to realize how important that is to achieving success with your workouts as well as maintaining optimum health. So here are the key points:

* The best workout routine should have an aerobic effect. This means that it is getting your heart rate up. It is involving as well as improving oxygen use by the body. This means doing a continuous activity for at least 20 minutes such as walking, jogging, aerobic exercise class, workout video, bike riding or similar activity. This is the basic guideline - 20 minutes of continuous activity as a minimum.

* The best workout routine should be vigorous and continuous. It should challenge you in the aerobic range of 60-75% of your maximum heart rate. I have found that even a 15 min. of a vigorous circuit training routine that incorporates aerobic and strength training using the major muscle groups to be very effective and time efficient. It could even be done twice a day if your limited on time in the morning and evening.

* The best workout routine should incorporate strength training where you are performing activity that uses you major muscle groups in a resistance activity. Simple forms are squats, lunges, push ups, pull ups, crunches and using weights or exercise bands.

The best workout routine will incorporate exercises that strenthen your core muscles. Core activity is fundamental to sound stability of your body. Working your core muscles (abs, lower back, hips or pelvic region) creates greater balance and stability to your body as well as preventing common injuries associated with weak core muscles.

* The best workout routine will have flexibility and balance techniques incorporated into it to improve flexibility, balance & reduce risk of injury.

* The best workout routine will be one you can incorporate into a busy schedule.

* The best workout routine will be one you stay consistent with and do regularly at least 4-6 days a week.

* The best workout routine will be flexible and easily modified to fit your progress, time available, age, fitness level and adapt to fit your life in general.

* The best workout routine will be ended by consuming a nutritious combination of carbohydrates and some protein within 30-45 min. after you finish it. A great choice would be to have a shake containing either juice, water, soy or organic milk mixed with 1/2 cup of fresh berries, or other fruit, one scoop or tablespoon of a Superfood supplement, one scoop of powdered protein source and some ice. If you don't have much time - try a piece of fruit and 12 almonds.
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John said...

I couldn't agree more. I actually do all this--of course not often enough. Do you recommend every other day or a certain kind of schedule? I try to workout every other day or at least every three days.

Another Blogger said...

Thanks for sharing this article. Interesting :)

LazyKing said...

wow great tips. Thanks for sharing

TC said...

No problem - LK
You got it - AB
I would suggest working out at least 4 days a week and really doing a 15 min quick high intensity routine on those same days or in between gym workout days- John

Aswani said...

Hello, Thanks for dropping by my blog. And many thanks for the google follow. really appreciated. You too have a great blog. Keep it up and Keep in touch :)

La Crona said...

Yes, this should be interesting for many to get rid of that weight their got too much of.As you have stated, a regular scheme is necessary to do it, of course.

skipratt said...

Regular mountain bike riding of about 2-3 times per week and cutting out the trashy food/soda keeps the weight off of me, and I get fitter and faster! Nice blog you got, lots of clinkbank links ;-)

baldinh hair said...

I see a personal trainer a couple of times a week for my strength training, and she has stated over and over again that I've got to up the cardio to loose the fat. And when I up the cardio, I begin to see more results.