Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The 15 Minute Workout

Just about everybody is busy as heck these days and when it comes to exercise, some people just don't think they have the time and are always making some kind of excuse why they didn't get to the gym or why they didn't go for that 45 min. walk. Well, I wanted to provide information to people on how they can incorporate a dynamic and effective 5-15 minute exercise routines into their day. Many can be performed at work or at home. Even right next to your desk as your reading this post. These routines can even be done by those already working out regularly but seeking to increase their results or perhaps lose a few extra pounds but need effective time management. I compiled a list of a few 5min to 15min. workout routines for you to easily follow along & learn some routines to get and keep you fit. Realizing that some people are beginners & some advanced and anywhere in between, you will notice that some of the routines may not be for you. The point you should take away is to either modify the exercise a bit to fit your caliber of ability or perform only the exercises you are capable of doing. Staying consistent, committed and persistent will help you stay well and be fitter than ever before. Now quit making excuses and get started. If any of you try Dr. Lerner's program below, stop back and provide a testimonial. I would like to hear about your progress. Thank you.

Womans 15 min. All levels of fitness
Mens 15 Min. Workout All Levels
15 Min. Men and Women All fitness levels
4 min Workout Routine. Advanced
The 15 Min. Office Workout

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*If you are sedentary or beginning an exercise program, consult with your physician or naturopathic physician prior to starting any exercise program.


Cascia Talbert said...

I've heard of these type of workouts before.

Unknown said...

Wonderful article, I have been following some of the exercises and tips you have mentioned too,i am seeing fantastic results. Keep up your good work

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