Thursday, June 4, 2009

FOOD Inc. An In Depth Look At The Food Industry In America and Your Health

Since the advent of the agricultural revolution, American agriculture has evolved into American agribusiness which has grown exponentially during the 20th century and into this century. A handful of companies dominate the entire food supply chain from seed to store. They continue to produce more food than ever before to keep up with demands of ever increasing population both domestically and abroad. At the same time we are showing a continual decline in the vitamins, minerals and trace elements that have proven to be vital to sustaining a healthy, robust life. As we forgot about Mother Nature, we shifted food production & distribution methodology. We turned to toxic chemicals, factory farming, genetic manipulation and bastardized food products with little nutritional value as we evolved into a convenience oriented fast food society loaded with chronic disease and poor health in epidemic proportions. The inexorable link between the foods we eat, poor health and disease are no longer being ignored. This movie comes out June 12th. If your concerned about your well being then you owe it to yourself and family to check it out.

Here is the official movie trailer Food Inc.

Links: Food Safety, Advocacy Groups, Gov't Resources: - Gateway to Government Food Safety Information
- List of knowncarcinogenic compounds or reasonably suspected and anticipated to be carcinogenic compounds.
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Public Nutrition Health Safety Watchdog group
Environmental Working Group Food & Product Safety Watchdog Group Food industry & Food Safety Food Information Council Grace Food & Water Watch

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