Monday, June 8, 2009

Growing Your Own Food: Would You and Do You?

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Ever think about growing your own food? Especially since good quality produce is almost always much more expensive than you think it should be. Starting a backyard, patio or indoor garden is not that hard. Need some reasons, here are some things you want to consider. Most regularly purchased food items are 20-50% higher than in 2006 and are continuing to rise. Even though the price of oil has come down over 50% from it's peak, the reduced prices are not reflected in food costs and don’t expect that to change. Prices will rise and the buying power of your dollar is going to depreciate meaning that these items will be more expensive. According to the Journal of the American Dietetic Association as published in their December 2007 and April 2008 issues, the price of fruits and vegetables is climbing faster than inflation, while junk food is actually becoming cheaper. Lastly, fruits and vegetables grown with synthetic fertilizers (containing synthetic chemical nitrogen) contain 20% less dry matter and more water compared with organic crops. High nitrogen levels make plants grow faster and absorb more water. These fruits and vegetables may grow bigger and faster which is beneficial for agribusiness but the consumer suffers. So consider this, synthetic nitrogen fertilizer increases health risk, adds more water content, results in less actual mass of fruits and vegetables, less actual nutrient content and diluted flavor but leads to more weight. Since you pay by the pound the net result is that you pay more money for a lower nutrient content, poorer tasting, more expensive and lower quality product. So maybe growing your own isn't such a bad idea. Think first and plan because if not done efficiently then the costs will be just as high as if you paid for it at the store. Urban Garden Magazine is a great place to get information on growing your own food. So if your interested in starting a garden or growing your own food even indoors year round then check out the magazine and the links for inspiration and how to tips & advice. Get Your Greens In Ya!! Daily!
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