Monday, June 29, 2009

Stay Properly Hydrated - Avoid Health Problems - Perform At Your Best

Whew!! Summer is cranking up and you better stay properly hydrated it you want to stay healthy and prevent fatigue, headaches, lethargy or worse heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Staying hydrated is essential to help you feel in top form and perform your best. Besides the basic requirement to consume at least 8 glasses of water daily we need to make special considerations during hot weather. Just a small percentage of body weight change due to loss of fluids during exercise or activity,(especially outdoors in summer)can put a big strain on your body and impair your performance. So How much do you drink? When? and What? would be the big questions. Water of course is the key element you need to drink but adding a type of fitness water or sport drink provides the replenishment of essential electrolytes like potassium and sodium that are lost due to sweating and if you lose too much can lead to cramping. If you want to save a few bucks then have a small amount of juice accompanied by water during or after a workout but be sure to drink plenty of water prior to activity to prevent the real problems and perform at your peak. Here's the rest of your answers to put together a smart plan to say hydrated and get the most out of your active occasions or workouts(see post images). Be safe, use your brain and Live Smart!!

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Saturday, June 27, 2009

How To Lose That Weight and Get Fit Again

So you want to lose weight and improve your health. Maybe your fitness level isn't what it used to be. People are always shifting to the next exercise routine or diet that is going to chisel out & shape up their body. Why is it that we are always looking for the next great fitness program, device or pill that will be "The" answer we have been searching for. There are some diet or fitness programs that can be a great resource and tool to help you get back on track to achieve your fitness and wellness goals. However, the fact still remains that if you combine healthy nutritious meals, moderate portion sizes, regular consistent exercise, adequate rest and manage stress, you will be ale to achieve the level of well being that you aspire to and if you don't follow these simple guidelines then no program will work for you. With that in mind, here are a few programs to help you in your pursuits should you be needing a little help.

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Friday, June 26, 2009

The Relevance of Time

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Interesting week. Two icons of an era gone for good. Kind of makes you think about the nature and value of time. I definitely remember Micheal Jackson's Thriller(although was never a big fan) and of course my poster of Farrah Fawcett and how it was great feature on wall of this teenagers room. Somehow it does seem like a long time ago and yet in another way it feels like it was just a couple years ago. Last night, while I was enjoying a nice CAO Maduro on the porch watching the sunset and tipping back a Redbridge, I began to ponder the nature and relevance of time. To often we let it slip by without taking time to enjoy the brief moments of pleasure... to busy checking email, texting, checking blogs, posting blogs, seeing who is on our lists or joined our online group. Not to mention working a lot of hours just to keep things rolling along. It seemed as though that sunset was too brief and fleeting. To often we fail to express our appreciation to others. I think the world would be a better place if we took a little time to think about and appreciate other in our lives. My message to all of you this weekend it to take some time and really connect with your friends and family. Spend some time enjoying them. Who knows what tomorrow will bring. Have a great weekend and thanks for taking the time to read my blog. Do You Know What Is In Your Water

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

If Your A Meat Eater: Watch This Or Else!

It would be a good idea to be careful of the meat you eat while having your summer barbecue. I read Colm's book: "Brain Trust- The Hidden Connection Between Mad Cow Disease and Misdiagnosed Alzheimer's Disease" a few years ago. It had a significant impact on my life. Prion diseases are more prominent than most people know and affect many different animals as well as humans. You will be enlightened after watching this video. It is good to know since often you will not be told the truth. Hey, I eat meat (although less and less every year) but it is now strictly grass fed organic as a general rule of thumb.

Want to know more: I review Colm's work and discuss Prion Disease in my book Go Here

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Saturday, June 20, 2009

5 Minute Of Caring -

I stopped by one of my favorite bookstores called Malprop's located in Asheville, NC this morning in honor of a my little birthday celebration weekend. Call it a favorite pastime activity but what I like to do is go into a bookstore and move along with the flow never with a specific intent but instead allowing books to call out to me. It is always inevitable that one pops out in a sense calling out to be heard. This is how I find 99% of the books I read. They just call out. Anyway, I came across the book called New Day Revolution - How To Save The World In 24 Hrs by Sam Davidson and Steven Moseley founders of You could read it in one quick sitting with a cup of your favorite stuff. It is loaded with simple daily activities done in 24 hrs that help to collectively create a significant impact on effective living strategies for humanity and living a better life. Here is a little bit about the organization & authors who wrote it. Check them out. Do a little something to be part of effecting positive growth for humanity.
I'm Cool Because Cool People Care is aiming to be THE online destination for anyone who wants to make a difference.

To some, making a difference means small, simple acts that can be done every single day. If that’s you, check out 5 Minutes of Caring articles. They’re daily 99-word articles that offer practical tips and motivation for you to make a positive impact each and every day.

To others, making a difference means showing up to local events that make the world a better place. If that’s you, visit our Act Locally calendar, which lists any event that benefits your local community. From 5k runs to volunteer opportunities, from lectures to fund raising dinners, we’ve got meaningful events covered in nearly every American city.

And to some other people, making a difference means hopping on board with a local nonprofit and focusing your efforts on one issue. If that’s you, visit our partner page. These community organizations support our work and we, in turn, want to send you to them. You want to change the world, and these groups are already doing so. Sounds like a match.

5 Minutes Of Caring:

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Help end world hunger

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

"One World-One Health" Concept Gains Momentum

I guess the U.N. FAO(Food and Agriculture Organization), WHO(World Health Organization) World Bank, UN Influenza Coordination System, Wildlife Conservation Society and OIE(World Organization For Animal Health) are really moving forward with the progress plans for a "One World One Health" model. This article from Nov. 2008(1) reports the support for a "One World" health concept. At last Ocober's avian flu conference in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, participants endorsed a new strategy for fighting avian influenza and other infectious diseases, one that focuses on points where animal, human, and ecosystems meet.(2)

The FAO said the strategy paper was released on Oct 14 under the banner of the FAO, the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE), the World Health Organization (WHO), UNICEF, the United Nations Influenza Coordination System, and the World Bank. It had large support by the 530 representative from 120 countries and 26 regional & international organizations.(3)

Fast forward a bit...Swine Flu Outbreak-April 09(strangely it was missing a key protein that more lethal flu viruses have-basically I guess it allows it to replicate faster)...then yesterday(Friday June 5th 2009) was "World Environment Day" sponsored by the U.N. They have it every year to commemorate & garner support for the United Nations World Environment Programme. This year the focus was global warming and garnering support for it through harnessing a spirit of joint unity and community to battle global warming as a "one world" community under a catchy banner "UNite". Next up on the agenda is the the UN FAO and WHO Codex Alimentarius meetings later this month to continue mapping out the plans for global food regulatory and monitoring standards to be rolled out beginning December 31, 2009.

"Further, .... and HR3970 prevent use of the Freedom of Information Act(FOIA) or any other open access law regarding the contents of vaccines which may be used, and forbid consumers (or their parents) from ever learning what they have been injected with.
Compulsory vaccination also gives our increasingly distant and autocratic government life and death powers over Americans with no citizen redress or oversight. This squarely puts the power and profit of large corporations above the health safety and freedoms of its citizenry."(4)

Well, to my knowledge HR 3970 was shot down and so was HR 5533(Biodefense and Pandemic Vaccine and Drug Development Act of 2006 -which also allowed for prevention of FOIA) but HR 2618(Vaccine Safety and Public Confidence Assurance Act of 2009) is in play which includes these statements in section 2142: #1) FDA Information- At the request of the Director for Vaccine Safety Evaluation, the Commissioner of Food and Drugs shall provide the Director with complete access to all vaccine-related information submitted to the Food and Drug Administration by vaccine manufacturers, irrespective of whether the information was submitted before or after approval of the vaccine under section 351. The Director shall keep such information confidential to the same extent as the Commissioner of Food and Drugs is required to keep such information confidential, and the Director shall not disclose such information under section 552 of title 5, United States Code. and #2) in carrying out subparagraph (A), may deny access to the Vaccine Safety Datalink Project for purposes of research that is not conducted or supported by the Agency.(5) By the way, the bill may also make available advance payments for vaccine development. Who stands to gain from that? Think. This may end up being a good bill but it's worth attention to make sure the final draft really protects you.

Many of your freedoms are on the line as well as your health. Transitional things are happening now and to many people just are not paying attention. So it might be a good idea for you to to get involved and spread the word to make sure that your freedoms and well being don't get trampled on. Progress is good, technological progress is good and coming together as people of humanity to overcome challenges and difference is good but at the expense of our health, rights and freedom they are not good. Stay vigilant. Pay attention. Think. Be safe out there.

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World Environment Day
Seeds Of Destruction Book
Sample Letter To Congress(4)
Get Involved: Congressional Directory - Contact your congress person(s)
Protect Yourself & Learn More: LIVE SMART - Book

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Alternative Therapy. Oh yea. It does work.

Well, this isn't a surprise. A government study finds some Alternative Medicine to be worthless. Give me a break. Who funded the research? What were the criteria? Who stands to benefit from trying to debunk alternative medical practices and people treating themselves? Go ahead keep playing the uneducated brain dead masses who will fall willingly into the pockets and sanctity of the drug companies, their lobbyists and oh yea, their financed studies of alternative therapies. Forget the brainwashed idiot allopathic, drug pushing doctors with narrow minded vision reaping the financial reward of peddling drugs. What a joke. Hopefully, you with brains will look past this propaganda fodder and take responsibility for your own well being. Much of your health is in your hands. By the are two facilities Hippocrates Institute Tree Of Life that have successfully treated multiple illnesses and disease often curing conditions classified as "terminal" illness through natural remedies and I have spoken personally with people who were at Hippocrates Inst. So I say to that press release...go pass your pedantic dissuaded rhetoric somewhere else because a thinking man of action has no time for your bull. Especially come fall & winter with the flu season. Screw off. I'll protect myself.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Growing Your Own Food: Would You and Do You?

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Ever think about growing your own food? Especially since good quality produce is almost always much more expensive than you think it should be. Starting a backyard, patio or indoor garden is not that hard. Need some reasons, here are some things you want to consider. Most regularly purchased food items are 20-50% higher than in 2006 and are continuing to rise. Even though the price of oil has come down over 50% from it's peak, the reduced prices are not reflected in food costs and don’t expect that to change. Prices will rise and the buying power of your dollar is going to depreciate meaning that these items will be more expensive. According to the Journal of the American Dietetic Association as published in their December 2007 and April 2008 issues, the price of fruits and vegetables is climbing faster than inflation, while junk food is actually becoming cheaper. Lastly, fruits and vegetables grown with synthetic fertilizers (containing synthetic chemical nitrogen) contain 20% less dry matter and more water compared with organic crops. High nitrogen levels make plants grow faster and absorb more water. These fruits and vegetables may grow bigger and faster which is beneficial for agribusiness but the consumer suffers. So consider this, synthetic nitrogen fertilizer increases health risk, adds more water content, results in less actual mass of fruits and vegetables, less actual nutrient content and diluted flavor but leads to more weight. Since you pay by the pound the net result is that you pay more money for a lower nutrient content, poorer tasting, more expensive and lower quality product. So maybe growing your own isn't such a bad idea. Think first and plan because if not done efficiently then the costs will be just as high as if you paid for it at the store. Urban Garden Magazine is a great place to get information on growing your own food. So if your interested in starting a garden or growing your own food even indoors year round then check out the magazine and the links for inspiration and how to tips & advice. Get Your Greens In Ya!! Daily!
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Thursday, June 4, 2009

FOOD Inc. An In Depth Look At The Food Industry In America and Your Health

Since the advent of the agricultural revolution, American agriculture has evolved into American agribusiness which has grown exponentially during the 20th century and into this century. A handful of companies dominate the entire food supply chain from seed to store. They continue to produce more food than ever before to keep up with demands of ever increasing population both domestically and abroad. At the same time we are showing a continual decline in the vitamins, minerals and trace elements that have proven to be vital to sustaining a healthy, robust life. As we forgot about Mother Nature, we shifted food production & distribution methodology. We turned to toxic chemicals, factory farming, genetic manipulation and bastardized food products with little nutritional value as we evolved into a convenience oriented fast food society loaded with chronic disease and poor health in epidemic proportions. The inexorable link between the foods we eat, poor health and disease are no longer being ignored. This movie comes out June 12th. If your concerned about your well being then you owe it to yourself and family to check it out.

Here is the official movie trailer Food Inc.

Links: Food Safety, Advocacy Groups, Gov't Resources: - Gateway to Government Food Safety Information
- List of knowncarcinogenic compounds or reasonably suspected and anticipated to be carcinogenic compounds.
Food Safety Watchdog group
Public Nutrition Health Safety Watchdog group
Environmental Working Group Food & Product Safety Watchdog Group Food industry & Food Safety Food Information Council Grace Food & Water Watch

Live Smart a book discussing these issues, action plans to fight it and ways to improve your health and well being.
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Monday, June 1, 2009

Top 20 Power Foods To Heal, Energize and Inspire

Eat no less than 5 of these Super Power foods every day

Berries- Blueberries, Blackberries, Raspberries, Strawberries
Dark Chocolate
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Flaxseed-Flaxseed meal-Flaxseed oil mixed w/protein source
Mixed Beans
Soy – Tofu or Soymilk
Salmon – Wild Caught
Tea – Green & White - loose not flavored

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