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What You Don't Know About Your Water Is Killing You!

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Before you go downing water from anywhere, think twice, plan ahead and be safe. Here is why. Today more than 700 chemical pollutants have been identified in public water systems; many of these have been linked to and studies have shown that many cause cancer, birth defects, brain dysfunction, learning disabilities, and other health problems. Even the EPA – Environmental Protection Agency officially recommended boiling or drinking bottled water way back in 1995 for people with compromised immune systems. Do you think the water supply is any better since then? Not likely. Think again my enlightened one. Author Steve Meyerowitz points out some sobering facts about the state of our water supply in his book Water the Ultimate Cure. The municipal water utilities and the pipelines supplying the water are way out of date. Do you know that over 90% of the pipes that supply water to American homes are over 100 years old? Put that in your water bottle and drink it. Are you kidding me! How about this? The CDC – Center for Disease Control, which is our government body responsible for oversight and working to keep us safe and free of disease states that about one million, “ONE MILLION”, people get sick from drinking contaminated water every year. C’mon, we are “the most powerful and rich country on the planet” how the heck does that happen.

Parasites are in our water supply. The two monsters of significance are Cryptosporidium and Giardia. They are chlorine resistant meaning that most typical water treatment measures don’t kill them. They cause diarrhea, dehydration, fevers, vomiting, cramping and death. Symptoms can show up days or a couple weeks after infection and last for weeks. Oh yea, Crypto can slip through the filters at the water treatment facilities that supply millions of homes and the CDC gives the estimates of about a million cases of bacterial infection each year from water borne bacteria. Salmonella recently found in the water supply in Alamosa, CO infected hundreds. Crypto and Guardia were found in this water supply as well. In Milwaukee 400,000 people were afflicted with Crypto and 104 people died. Listen, I could go on and on but only one final dose of reality. The EPA- has also confirmed that about 130 municipal water systems exceed the federal legal limit for LEAD contamination. This affects about 42 MILLION people. This contamination was known in 2000 or before and they were given until 2013 to fix the problem. What!! 13-15 years of contamination is ok? How about the fact that most of these municipalities did not and do not have the funds and won’t meet that deadline. And if you think that is going to change since we are facing severe economic crisis now and for the foreseeable future you better start facing reality and get a dose of the truth in you.

Unfortunately, bottled water in some cases may be better but recent research is continuing to show that bottled water companies and their products cannot be trusted. Take for example a study just released in Oct. 2008 by researchers at The Environmental Working Group, a nonprofit watchdog group whose goal is to protect public health. Laboratory tests conducted for EWG at one of the country’s leading water quality laboratories found that ten popular brands of bottled water, purchased from grocery stores and other retailers in nine states and the District of Columbia, contained 38 chemical pollutants altogether, with an average of 8 contaminants in each brand. More than one-third of the chemicals found are not regulated in bottled water. Contaminants were toxic compounds from chlorination, fertilizers, disinfectants, ammonia, heavy metals, arsenic, even pharmaceutical drugs. In the Sam's Choice and Acadia brands, levels of some chemicals exceeded legal limits in California as well as industry-sponsored voluntary safety standards. Four brands were also contaminated with bacteria. The study also included assays for breast cancer cell proliferation, conducted at the University of Missouri. One bottled water brand spurred a 78% increase in the growth of the breast cancer cells compared to the control sample, with 1,200 initial breast cancer cells multiplying to 32,000 in 4 days, versus only 18,000 for the control sample, indicating that chemical contaminants in the bottled water sample stimulated accelerated division of cancer cells.

Tap water supplied to your home undergoes contamination tests every year. These test results are provided to homeowners once a year. The bottled water industry is not required to provide contamination test results so they don’t, leaving you and me to be potentially contaminated with toxins that shouldn’t be there. Even the United States EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) says that bottled water may not be safer than tap water and some bottled waters are not even treated before bottling. So if you’re going to pay about 2000% more for a product that is marketed and purported to be healthier and more pure don’t you think you should get what you pay for? Me too! Now, not all bottled water is contaminated all the time. There are some bottlers that try to make a good product. What you want to look for is bottled spring water that is ozone purified. You most likely will get better bottled water with less contaminant. Ozone purification removes most toxins including neutralizing fluoride. Some of you might say FLUORIDE! Hey that’s the stuff they put in the drinking water to prevent tooth decay or that’s the stuff put in toothpaste to prevent tooth decay. Yea, well, it is a well known toxin that can harm you! Wake up! This country has more tooth decay than any industrialized nation. There are people who have never drunk a fluoridated drinking water and never have tooth decay. There are countries with no fluoride in the drinking water and they don’t have tooth decay problems. The problem here is that there are too many sugars in our foods. A study (conducted by the institute bearing the name of and funded by the company that needed a way to use and make money from the waste product of their Aluminum processing called – Fluoride. Bingo!) in the 1950’s showed that it may prevent some tooth decay by helping enamel but if you keep yourself and your child off sugary crap then it is not needed. Besides, there is little or no difference in dental caries from communities that do and do not have fluoridated water supplies. Countries that don’t fluoridate their drinking supply don’t have higher rates of dental caries. Furthermore, there are warning labels on toothpaste warning that it can be dangerous especially to children. That’s why they don’t want kids swallowing toothpaste. Listen, fluoride is a byproduct, a toxic waste product from the aluminum and fertilizer industry. The EPA lists it as a contaminant and Alcoa, the world’s largest aluminum producer has paid fines for contamination. The FDA requires warning labels and lists it as an unapproved drug. Need more info? How about this, fluoride compounds are ranked in the top 20 list of 275 substances that pose the greatest risk to human health. Dr. Paul Connet, Director of the Fluoride Action Network and chemist previously at St. Lawerence University says this of Fluoridation “It is an American crackpot Idea from the 50’s” “it damages bones and the lowers IQ”. It is an immunotoxin – meaning it damages your immune system, embryo toxin- which means it can cause birth defects, neurotoxin – meaning it can damage your nervous system. It is linked to the bone cancer –osteosarcoma in boys. Oh, I almost forgot - regulation of it is uncontrolled. Meaning that if your child drinks too much water it can cause dental fluorosis which is too much fluoride build up resulting in more severe dental damage that can cost as much as $15,000 to repair. How do you know if drinking too much water is going to harm your child in multiple ways? For that matter, how bad is it affecting you? It is screwing up your body!! You want to ruin your child’s chances in life. Keep feeding them fluoridated water. Need more reasons? It was used as a rat poison. Other well documented adverse effects include hypoglycemia, kidney disease, diabetes, hormone imbalances and hypothyroidism. Hypothyroidism is a reduction in the natural activity in the thyroid which can lead to obesity. Fluoride is banned for use in drinking water supplies in several countries. It should be here as well. Voice your concern. Use your power to vote and support.
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