Sunday, November 1, 2009

World's Safest Snow Shovel

Clears Away Snow 3 Times Faster Than Shoveling
with Half the Effort and Less Risk of Injury

Protect your health, improve your fitness and live more sustainably while saving the environment.
The Sno Wovel™, manufactured and distributed by Structured Solutions II, LLC, is a novel invention solving an age old problem that requires no fuel, emits no noxious fumes or deafening noise to harm the environment or the user and is 100% manufactured here in the United States. The Sno Wovel™ was voted the "Best Invention of 2006" by Time Magazine.

The motivation behind the Sno Wovel™ was the desire to solve the problem of snow shovels and snow removal in a fast, safe, environmentally clean, quiet, maintenance-free way while also being able to conveniently store it away up on the wall saving room and not ruining your back.

It is estimated that there are 72,000 annual emergency room visits associated with snow removal injuries. With gas prices up and baby boomers aging, the Sno Wovel™ helps the environment and makes using snow shovels easier, while reducing body stress, in particular your lower back. It works like a child’s seesaw, the shovel and wheel combination acts as a fulcrum and lever, letting the operator use his entire body strength to move and lift the snow. The uniqueness of the product prompted the University of Massachusetts, a top ergonomics research center, to investigate just exactly how the product works and why it has such positive effects on the human body. The study, confirmed that the Wovel reduces lower back stress to something akin to “simply walking” and dramatically reduces overall physical exertion by as much as 75-80% and more vs snow shovels. So if your looking for a new tool to help you out this winter, check it out. For those of you who don't have to worry about snow, carry on, never mind this post.

For video presentation of this cool product visit The Sno Wovel


Brian, the old man said...

That is really a cool idea. I'm glad we don't have much need for it here in Georgia but I really could have used this when I was a child in Connecticut.

On another note, I would be honored if you would consider submitting one of your articles past or present for my FOCUS Friday segment on Oldman's Inspirational Thoughts. You can read the details about this segment here I believe a health article from you would be a great addition. Thanks for giving it your consideration.

Have a wonderful week!

TC said...

Thank you for thinking enough of me to be a writer for the FOCUS Friday segments. I would be glad to do it. I'll send you an email.