Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What You Need To Know About Multivitamins

How Multivitamins Can Help Improve Health

In a 24 yr nutritional study by the University of Southern California on 11, 384 men and women it was found that daily consumption of a vitamin and mineral supplement cut death rates in half while also reducing the cancer death rate and heart disease by tenfold.

What Multivitamins Do For You:
They act as a type of health "insurance" to support overall nutrition and may help prevent chronic illness by providing your body with the basic nutrients and micronutrients that too often are missing in the average persons diet.

Why You Need Multivitamins:
Most people don't get all the basic vitamins & micronutrients from the foods they eat during their meals. This is especially true if you don't consume enough fresh vegetables & fruits as well as other whole foods and eat a lot of processed carbohydrates and sugar.

What Type Of Multivitamin To Look For:
You should use a naturally derived multivitamin supplement that is developed using vegetables, fruits, plants and herbs and not one that is synthetically derived. This is because naturally derived vitamin supplements contain ingredients that have a different polarity that the body recognizes and responds to where synthetic vitamins do not. Most synthetic vitamins also use coarse binders and fillers that bind together the ingredients so harshly that often the pills pass through the body without being fully dissolved or utilized by the body. Lastly, in my humble opinion, look for a supplement providing levels equal to 100 to 200 percent of the RDA of vitamins. Some contain higher levels that may or may not be necessary.

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