Friday, November 20, 2009

Human Body Fat Stolen and Sold For Cosmetics

Peruvian Police Arrest Traffickers of Human Fat For Cosmetics

How far will you go in pursuit of your health and vanity? This sounds like a joke because it is almost unbelievable but I am not making this up. This is another bizarre view of what people will do in deranged pursuits of vanity and monetary gain? It is estimated that the stolen body fat was garnering $15,000 per liter on the black market and was sold to European cosmetics and pharmaceutical companies (this is still yet to be proven). Human body fat has been used in the cosmetics procedure industry but it is usually a persons own body fat which is used to facilitate cosmetic procedures.

The Peruvian police arrested four people and are searching for two more who were allegedly part of an underground ring of individuals participating in the murder of unsuspecting people in remote areas of Peru. The slain individuals then had their body fat extracted, packaged up and sold on the black market.

Makes you wonder a little bit about what is in things we use and consume.


Jade E. Henderson said...

holy moly! That is so I not go anywhere near those guys I have lots of fat for them lol

Ladygoodwood said...

This is gross! Imagine, all those vain people having liposuction on their thighs only to buy it back later to rub into their faces!!

Ugh! Ugh! and more Ugh!

Anonymous said...

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