Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sunday Smart Living Tips For Health, Wellness, Peace and Happiness

Twenty Five Simple Tips To Help You live a Healthy and Happy Life.
Practice them regularly

*Eat at home more often
*Eat 3 meals and 2 healthy snacks a day
*Take time to spend time with your family
*Use smaller plates to give the appearance of larger portions
*Eat Less by cutting your portions in half
*Get up 15 minutes earlier & Go to bed 15 minutes earlier
*Pack your lunch and snacks
*Think differently about meals: eating salads, wraps or whole grain bread with vegetables can be a breakfast too
*Drink more pure filtered water
*Quit buying $4 cups of coffee. Coffee is the most widely pesticide sprayed crop in the world.
*Get organic if you’re going to drink coffee and make it at home
*Learn a new skill or hobby like playing an instrument or self defense course *Remember at least 21 days of consistent commitment is what it takes to develop a new habit or change existing patterns then it is a “walk in the park”
*Get involved in a cause(s) Have a sense of purpose Give back Spend less Save more *Use your brain. Learn to speed read or practice crosswords or other intellectually complex game
*Read more books
*Take time to get a little sun exposure on your skin
*Use a Superfood supplement with probiotics
*Don’t drink beverages with high fructose corn syrup
*Eat raw foods more often and not always cooked foods
*Get a dehydrator, it can warm food without cooking and can make great healthy snacks that will last a long time in the cupboard or fridge
*Think healthy productive thoughts
*Make time to visualize your goals and plans. Visualize yourself in complete state of wellbeing, healthy and vibrant
*Cherish your friendships
*Take 3-5 deep breaths several times a day
*Live-Love-Laugh and Be Thankful

Sure there are plenty of other smart tips but this list should get you going in the right direction. Have a great week.


Brian, the old man said...

Those are some great tips. Most of them I already have a habit of doing. I'm sure we would all be happier if we followed this advise. Thanks.

mrs green said...

I love these ideas. Some of them I need reminding about such as spending the time to take 3 deep breaths - that helps so much to ground and focus myself.

I'm happy to say I do a lot of the things you mention, but I particularly love how you have made this list holistic - it has ideas to nourish the body, mind and spirit.

THanks so much!