Friday, October 9, 2009

Microwaving Food Can Make You Sick

Study Shows Microwaving Leftovers Doesn't Kill Salmonella

We know food safety is a concern for many families and that there are risks associated with eating animal protein. It is also true that people have succumbed to food borne illness such as E-coli or Salmonella. However, we often think that this is due to foods not being prepared properly. You should also consider the issue of how you are reheating foods for yourself and family.

Microwaving food may not provide protection from food borne illnesses like Salmonella or deadly E-coli. The Journal of Epidemiology reports that reheating food in a microwave can be dangerous. They studied a salmonella outbreak and discovered that 100% of the individuals reheating meat leftovers from a picnic became ill while none of the individuals who reheated the meat using a regular skillet or oven became sick. Just some food for thought on this Friday morning. Have a great weekend.

American Journal of Epidemiology


Brian, the old man said...

Very interesting since that is the weapon of choice so to speak. It is a lot quicker to nuke it than to actually reheat something. I will give second thought next time I'm reheating those leftovers. Thanks.

TC said...

I used to be an avid microwave user in my twenties but when I learned of the risks the microwave became obsolete in our house.