Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Five Tips To Boost Your Energy

Drink more water. In many cases, fatigue can be the result of dehydration. So first start by drinking some water. A great way to start your day is to drink a glass of water with a little lemon juice as soon as you wake up in the morning.

Do some low intensity exercise. Taking a walk in the morning or at lunchtime will get your body and mind moving and some research suggests it can boost your energy by 65%.

Stretch and Breathe. Simply doing a few stretches to the major muscles and engaging in rhythmic systematic breathing for a few minutes can rejuvenate your body and mind while lifting your energy.

Get some sunshine. The sun balances and boosts your circadian rhythms so try to get up to 30 min. of it a day. Open your blinds and go outside for a walk.

Eat a high protein snack. A handful of almonds, glass of soy milk, a few bites of chicken salad are just a few ways to get a protein boost that can help boost your brain and body more than a sugary snack that will leave you dragging.

Five More Tips To Boost Energy


mrs green said...

Great suggestions - I love how you have chosen the most simple ideas; the ones which work, but don't overwhelm.

If you really can't make it through the day, it's worth noting that 20 minutes meditation is said to be equivalent to 2 hours sleep in the way it rests the body and mind.

I used this when pregnant and unable to sleep and it got me through many long nights!

If meditation is not your thing, then a 20 minute power nap can work wonders if you get the hang of doing them right!

TC said...

I have not been going my meditation recently but definitely need to return to it. Thanks for the reminder.

Self Hypnosis said...

I meditate shortly after I wake up. It raises my energy levels and helps me to focus on the day ahead.

Roseanna Leaton said...

To add an extra burst of energy you could listen to a hypnosis mp3 specifically designed to generate endorphins. That feels really good!