Friday, October 2, 2009

Enjoy The Ride. Twenty Tips For A Positive Life

Life is definitely full of challenges and too often it zips by without fully appreciating the simple things that bring harmony or we forget to practice simple strategies for a better life. Here is a great video presentation of twenty tips for a positive life. It is food for thought that will instill a sense of balance and help you to Enjoy The Ride. (click the Enjoy The Ride link to be taken to the video)

Inspired Lemonade


Brian, the old man said...

Love it!!! It is a very moving video. Thank You!!!

TC said...

Your welcome. It helped me as well to reevaluate my current lifestyle. said...

this video has got to be one of the best of the inspirationals i have ever had the privelege of viewing--if you don't smile through it, get deeply stirred, feel more blessed,and just plain feel better, you must not be alive!!!
thank you tim cousins (author of the wonderful book "live smart")for sharing this with the world--it not only made my day today, it has energized me for all my tomorrows...! thanks again for sharing!!!