Friday, September 4, 2009

The People's Grocery. Connecting Healthy Organic Food, People and The Land

The People's Grocery is a project founded by Brahm Ahmadi as a venture to create a connectedness of people to the land and healthy food. The People's Grocery provides one of the only means of obtaining healthy fresh and organic produce in West Oakland, CA where the main sources of obtaining groceries are mini-markets or liquor stores loaded with junk quality low grade food. However, his model and mission serve as a greater testament to the predicament of our time. A time in which far to many people have limited access to fresh, healthy, organic food while having prodigious access to alcohol, fast food, poor quality and nutrient lacking food. In addition, there is an increasing disconnect to the earth and a harmonious relationship to the food which is meant to nourish our bodies, stimulating life instead of depleting it. The People's Grocery is just one example of how small efforts can change communities as well as society with the potential to improve personal health, revitalize community stability, increase quality resource development, produce job opportunities, and improve carbon footprint by reducing impacts on the environment.

If your interested in getting reconnected to your community, the food you eat, better health for yourself and family, saving money and impacting the environment more favorably, then start here at Local Harvest. Also, learn more about the significance of the question of
Where Does Your Food Come From?

Find a Local Farm Market in your area with this easy tool:
Find a Farmers Market

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Brian, the old man said...

What a great idea! It is good to see people taking control of their community to live a healthier lifestyle. Excellent post!

MasterCleanseGuide said...

I am a strong supporter of organic food, I try to eat as much of it as possible, just some times its hard because its so expensive.

-Master Cleanse Guide

TC said...

I agree. These small efforts combined can have a significant impact.