Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Nadi Shodhana. Breathing Technique To Relax and Calm Yourself

There is a simple breathing exercise that you can use that will not only help to relax and calm your body but will improve your health and mental fitness as well. It is called Nadi Shodhana which in English simply means "clearing the channels". This exercise helps particularly well when you are having a lot of anxious thoughts or when your trying to quiet your mind of to much mental chatter.

Stress, tension and anxiety can cause deterioration in your health and make you more susceptible to illness or disease. Most people experience times of undo stress or anxiety whether it be about work, family or personal matters. Given the state of economic conditions over the past year and more people facing increasing challenges, having a simple effective tool to help is better than downing a bunch of pills or having to many cocktails.

Here is the trick. Use your right hand to alternately close your right then left nostril. Hold your right hand so that the fingers a separated. Take a slow moderately deep breath in through your nose, and then close off your right nostril with your right thumb. Exhale slowly through you left nostril, then inhale slowly through your left nostril, then close off your left nostril with your third and forth fingers of your right hand. Exhale through your right nostril then inhale through your right nostril, and then again close your right nasal passage with your thumb, exhaling through your left. Continue this pattern for about five to ten minutes, alternating the nostril after each inhalation. This process will cause you to begin feeling more calm and relaxed even after just a minute or two.

This breathing technique in Ayurveda practice is called Pranayama which means the "expansion of life" often loosely translated to "prana" or "breath control". Pranayama is effective to relax you without tranquilizers or alcohol as well as to energize you without caffeine. It is a natural technique to balance your internal energy while facilitating the mind/body connection. Use Nadi Shodhana as well as other breathing techniques throughout your day to balance your mind and body.

Here are some additional breathing techniques for energizing and relaxing your body:
Breathing Exercises

Reference: Grow Younger Live Longer: 10 Steps To Reverse Aging


Brian, the old man said...

I tried this and it works. I love breathing exercises and I enjoy meditation as well. I find both to be relaxing and relieves stress. Thanks for the info.

TC said...

Great Brian. I am glad you stopped by and now can add this to your list of healthy activities. Keep up the good work.