Saturday, September 19, 2009

Live Longer By Following This One Simple Guideline

The one simple guideline that could help you live thirty percent longer than expected is calorie restriction. Research on mice has shown that eating a healthy diet but reducing the total daily caloric intake by 30% increased their lifespans by 30-40%. So if your daily intake is based on the average of 2500 calories per day that means cutting out 750 calories per day. It is a bold move and for most people extremely challenging. Being able to stick to that regimen would be an effort no doubt. Additionally, it is imperative that your food choices contain high quality food sources to obtain enough essential nutrients (protein, fiber, vitamins, mineral) to keep your body healthy.

If you want to further increase your longevity chances, then you should additionally consider eating foods that comprise the Mediteranean Diet which has been shown to reduce the potential for chronic degenerative diseases such as heart disease. For this calorie restricted diet to have a fully beneficial effect, you must also consume a diet that will decrease your risk of getting cancer so you should consider maintaining an optimum pH balance in your body by consuming Superfood supplements along with plenty of fresh cruciferous vegetables, fruits, and green leafy vegetables.

I like to eat so for me, most likely it will be eating healthier and keeping the calories maybe 10-15% less depending upon the day. What can I say. I like my food. Would you cut your calories that much for the rest of your life in order to live a little longer and potentially disease free?

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mrs green said...

I'm not sure I understand WHY reducing calories can lead to longevity?

For me, I reckon I eat between 1500 and 2000 calories anyway, but I am 'underweight' and that's supposed to come with its own set of health risks!

Sometimes we spend so long trying to 'eat right' that the stress and guilt of beating ourselves up for doing badly must surely outweigh just eating what we want with love in our hearts and reverence in our souls ...

I would imagine that 2500 calories of organic, fresh, seasonal, vegetarian food would be better than 1500 calories of processed rubbish which included intensively reared meat and dairy?

Gretchen said...

I've heard of calorie restriction and it totally makes sense. Only eating healthy foods with the most nutrients and cutting out all of the junk. I try to do that to some degree and find myself with far more energy and a better feeling overall. It's funny because eating healthier has also changed my taste and preferences as I don't really like the taste of sugary or processed foods anymore.

TC said...

Mrs. Green. I just used the 2500 cal a day as an example. It will vary depending upon the person. The info suggests that less calories leads to longer life but you do have a valid point that if some people become underweight and don't eat properly then they would be potentially susceptible to other health problems. I don't think I would subscribe to drastically reducing my calories but keeping them regulated is not a bad idea either.

TC said...

@ Gretchen. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I too feel better when I eat leaner lighter meals that include a lot of raw foods. My workouts are always better as well. So many people have told me the same thing that when they cut out sugar and reduced salt that their tastes change. Most even have more sensitive taste buds to savor the flavor of foods better.