Thursday, September 24, 2009

How To Eat Healthy and Organic For Less Money

Trying to eat healthy organic food is often a daunting task for people looking to keep their grocery budget from eating their entire paycheck. While it is true that eating organic food is definitely more expensive than opting for highly processed low grade food products, you still can make a few changes to incorporate wholesome organic food into your shopping list without breaking the banks. The trick is to choose wisely and consider modifying a few menu items.

The trend toward organics continues to grow with over 70% of consumers consuming organics at least some of the time. Although, people may think that organics is only purchased by those having a higher family income, in reality the total household consumption is split with many of these households having a total income below $50,000 per year. If you are spending an additional $200 per month on food that is organic, this can be a much larger financial impact on the average household income.

The point of this post was to provide an option for saving money on organics. Well, I came across a great article to help save you money by learning how to Eat Healthy and Organic On Only $7 A Day Follow that link and it will help guide you with strategies to put a little more money back in your bank account while allowing you to eat a little healthier. There are some simple yet smart changes you can make so go check it out.

Eating Healthy and Organic on $7 a Day


kate said...

I like that it mentions hummus..I love hummus! yum!

good advice, we eat mostly organic and our food budget is about $500 a month, more than I would like but it's worth it.

mrs green said...

Great article my friend - thank you! I enjoyed the article you linked to very much.

You've inspired me to share my own ideas and there will be something up over the next couple of weeks.

I love showing people how they can eat well without spending a fortune; it's a passion of mine :)

TC said...

Hey Kate. Yea, I dig Hummus as well. There is one brand in particular, the name escapes me right now, that is out of sight. We mow through the container in no time. We too eat quite a bit of organic but have saved a lot of money by growing some of our own food and buying at local farm markets & food coops that use local growers and farmers.

Mrs. Green, your welcome. Let me know when you do the post. Come back here and leave the link so I can check it out as well as others who may stop by my blog.

Walking Queen said...

I've been fantasizing about trying to grow some of my own food because I have to drive twenty-thirty minutes to get organic fruit and veggies. There are a couple of stores in my town that sell it, but the quality is so bad. Ha, we'll see if I ever get around to that garden of mine.

Steve Brown said...

Thats a good one stating the cheaper ways for organic food. Cost is one of the factor people not switching to those foods and it has become rare in this modern world. Posts like these can create awareness among the people for it to lead an healthy life.

TC said...

@ Walking Queen, I hope you do give it a try. You could start with some pots or long patio box to make it a bit easier. There are even planting kits like Earth Boxes which can be great to use and easy to maintain. I prefer to use only Heirloom variety seeds & plants. I figure if I am going to do it then I am going to go all the way and not even use those hybrid or other modified plants. Wait till you grow your own Heirloom tomatoes. This year we probably saved $100-$125 on just tomatoes and pasta sauce alone and gave away (donation is a righteous thing) about $150 worth because we don't can yet. If your going to plant a tree see my post aboutHeirloom Apples.

@Steve Brown - This is one of the main reasons I did the post was to help people find ways to eat healthier organic food and saving money while doing it.

Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment.

mrs green said...

Morning! The article you inspired is up on my site this morning - enjoy!