Sunday, September 13, 2009

How Music Affects and Improves Your Health

I personally love my music and always have and can attest to the fact that it has had a positive affect on my health, focus, drive and clarity. Numerous studies have shown that music can have profound physical, psychological and even intellectual effects on your health. Rock and roll is what I grew up on but expanded my tastes as I got older. Now just about all genres and styles appeal to me depending upon how I feel or what I am doing at the time.

Music has been shown to affect animals. One study conducted with mice was quite telling. Mice were subjected to heavy metal music or classical music to see if there would be an affect on their speed of learning. Interestingly, the mice subjected to heavy metal performed worse than the classical group and their intellectual problem solving skills diminished. The first experiment actually had to be cut short because the mice subjected to the heavy metal music ended up killing each other.

Music has even been shown to affect plants. A Colorado college researcher, Dorothy Retallack, conducted experiments working with plants exposed to various genres of music in a controlled environment. The net result was that the plants exposed to some classical or jazz music grew toward the source of the sound, grew fuller and more vibrant. The plants exposed to hard rock grew more stunted, had less leaves and grew away from the music source and most of these plants died in just over two weeks.

Positive music alternatives to incorporate into your life should include cutting edge music technology that enhances the brain wave patterns of different states of consciousness. This can greatly enhance your ability to focus, learn, relax, create and restore. One such system is Hemi-Sync®. It is an audio-guidance process that works through the generation of complex, multilayered audio signals, which act together to create a resonance that is reflected in unique brain wave forms characteristic of specific states of consciousness. The result is a focused, whole-brain state known as hemispheric synchronization, or Hemi-Sync® where the left and right hemispheres are working together in a state of coherence. Hemi-Sync® produces a focused, coherent mind, which is an optimal condition for improving human performance. For more detailed analysis, please read How Hemi-Sync® Works

The point here is that to improve your health, clarity and intellect, it is a good idea to incorporate an appreciation for music and music diversity into your life. Develop a taste for different styles of music if all you listen to is hard head banging rock. One way to do this would be to try finding string versions of some of your favorites. My buddy found some great string versions of some of the most popular rock bands today. Search around, you would be surprised. Utilize some of the specially developed brainwave synchronizing music to achieve the desired effects your pursuing. Have a great week.


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Kate M said...

I love music! I don't know what I'd do without it. Sometimes when I have a bath, I listen to classical music. It's really soothing.

TC said...

I agree Kate. I love my music as well.