Monday, September 14, 2009

The Fast Food Salad Misconception With Calorie Breakdown

When trying to cut calories or choose a healthier option, people will often tend to get the salad selection at fast food restaurants. There are definite advantages of having a salad. The fact that your eating low calorie nutrient dense raw vegetables that contain healthy enzymes and vitamins makes these a wise choice. However, too often they come with extra toppings and artery clogging dressings that are also loaded with high fructose corn syrup which also a primary ingredient linked to the risk of obesity and heart disease. The point here is be smart about your choices. If you have a protein source like chicken on it, get it grilled not fried. Don't put the extra bacon bits, Asian noodles etc. on top. Instead of the package of ranch or blue cheese dressing or other ones, choose the oil and vinegar option and use the oil sparingly. Try using just the vinegar or even just some lemon juice. You will save hundreds of calories, eliminate several grams of saturated fat and sugar and you will have made a better choice for your weight and health. Here is an interesting video breakdown of a typical fast food salad. So be smart the next time your making choices to improve your health and fitness. Enjoy.


Brian, the old man said...

This is very true. I know I did some research into this awhile back and found many salads on the market can be misleading loaded with many calories.

Tricia said...

People just don't realize when you add the dressing, cheese, bacon bits and all those toppings that you salad can become high in calories, fat, colesterol, sugar etc. It's still better than fries because of the veggies, but people need to realize what the are consuming.

TC said...

To many people are ill informed about the pitfalls of fast food salads and that is precisely why I wanted to shed some light on it. Thanks Brian and Trisha for stopping by regularly and leaving comments. I appreciate it.