Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Change The World Wednesday's Weekly Challenge

Another week and another opportunity to participate in making the world a better place by taking a small step at living more sustainably. Here is the Change The World Wednesday's challenge for this week. It's good for your health and better green living practice for your community. This is the plan. For one week, eliminate the use of polystyrene foam (Styrofoam). Do not purchase any products that come in Styrofoam containers, don't purchase any Styrofoam products such as cups, bowls, or plates. Don't use any containers made from Styrofoam. If you go to a restaurant, don't order anything packaged in Styrofoam and if you get it to go, ask for a different type of container. Don't pack anything with those peanuts or buy anything packaged with them. That's the deal. Simple but effective. You will be doing something good for your health while making a difference for the planet. So get on board this weeks challenge and dump the polystyrene foam for a week. Need a few extra reasons.

*Polystyrene manufacturing is one of the top five largest creators of hazardous waste
*The main ingredient, styrene, is considered a carcinogen and is linked to central nervous system damage and reproductive harm as well as a host of other deleterious effects.
*They leach toxic chemicals into the food contained in them or heated in them.
*They contribute to excessive pollution and waste.

For information on Styrofoam please visit Earth Resource Foundation
For information about Change The World Wednesday's Challenge or how to participate, please read Change The World Challenge


Brian, the old man said...

That's an easy challenge for me. I try not to use polystyrene for anything. When I pack I use newspaper, it's recyclable and biodegradable. I never thought about asking for a different container to get to go food in but I will start. Thanks for the great info and the challenge. Have a great day.

Brian, the old man

PS For some reason you were not showing up in my dashboard. I guess I followed you wrong the first time. So I re-followed you. You should be there now.

mrs green said...

What a wonderful and inspiring challenge - thank you!

I don't think polystyrene is used quite as much over here in the UK, but there are still things we buy in it such as products from the deli area of supermarkets.

Takeaways DO use it, but we are able to get good old British fish and chips in paper and chinese and indian food often comes in foil - the paper can go on the compost heap and the foil can be reused or recycled.
I don't drink take out coffee, but I think you can take your own cup to Starbucks for a refil.

TC said...

We don't use it at home and I have to admit that we had not asked for different containers for take leftovers but will in the future. We don't often have leftovers or take out food so this is of little effort for us. I hope you will participate in each weeks challenge and spread the word about Change The World Wednesdays.

I Am Agel said...

Thanks's it going?
Hope all is well with you..