Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Change The World Wednesday

It is time for our weekly Change The World Wednesday's Challenge. Change The World Wednesday's was started by my friend Small Footprints. It is a weekly challenge focusing on how we can collectively work on a single issue each week to increase awareness and engage positive action to reduce our impact on the world, i.e.- be a little more GREEN. Last week's challenge was to eliminate polystyrene (styrofoam) from your consumption habits. Check it out here: Eliminate The Use Of Styrofoam For One Week

Before we issue this week's challenge I would like to say thank you to this weeks Honor Society bloggers who choose to help spread the word of our challenge. You can read what each of them did along with other suggestions they may have to live more sustainably by clicking on their name below.
Connie Mishali
Argentum Vulgaris
Sober White Women
Zephyr Girl

I am Agel
Elizabeth Barrette
Harri Pao

To see what this week's challenge is, click on the Change The World image above in this post.


mrs green said...

Yay! I've actually got organised to take part this week - have just blogged about it.

Thanks so much for sharing this concept, I'm really exciting to be taking part in my first challenge!

TC said...

Way to go Mrs. Green. Thanks and glad your a part of the movement. I will pass this along to SmallFootprints so that you can be included into the Honor Society for next week. You will be able to view it by going to her site next Wed. I will be linking to it as well. Have a great day.

me said...

Hello, TC!
Believe it or not, just a few days ago I was thinking about you!
I saw a documentary (“Per chi suona la campanella”, RAI 3) on Acquaformosa (province of Cosenza, Calabria) where the mayor took the initiative to put older people in primary school to prevent its closure. This closure is part of governmental policy to close all schools with less than 50 alumni. This is what minister Gelmini has thought to do to improve Italian school system... I think it's sad; what do you say? That's "Change the world - in worst", in my opinion...