Friday, August 21, 2009

Take Part In The Social Action Network and Change The World

We have had a tremendous response to the Change The World Wednesday's campaign which is growing larger every day and it got me thinking about taking a deeper look into some of the health, wellness and sustainability issues that affect us on a personal and global level. In my pursuit I came across a relatively new online organization called Take Part

Take Part is a new cause-related site designed to help you explore today’s issues, share ideas and get involved. Their belief is that with the right information and tools for action, individuals can and will make a difference. Their site is both a hub and a gateway for their three point program which is to 1.)Explore Issues 2.) Share Ideas 3.)Work Together to make a difference.

Want to find information on an issue? They’ve sorted through the clutter so you can easily find what you’re looking for. They’ve gathered news, photo galleries, and videos that relate to today’s issues, and added actions you can take to make a difference. From signing a petition to educating your community, Take Part can help you find tangible ways to take action.

Learn more and explore the Take Part Social Action Network Take Part is a part of Participant Media


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