Saturday, August 1, 2009

Problems With Blogger Comments

Having trouble with Blogger Comments? Unable to leave a comment on Blogger blogs? If you are having problems with people not being able to leave comments or are unable to respond to comments posted on your own blog then I think I have the answer on how to solve your problem.

For months now my comments on some blogs disappear into never-never land, no matter which type of ID I choose. Even "Name/URL". Even "Anonymous". I have never been able to comment on any blog has the "comment as" button that uses this type of comment form. (Blogs with "Choose an identity" seem to work fine.)

It took awhile to get the answers and I believe this is the best solution and it is a quick easy fix. Here is the trick. If it works for you, then please leave a comment here and share this post with others. Link this post into your blog and post about it as well. Just remember if you copy and past this post, then please link back to my blog. Thanks. I will spread the word to other bloggers on how to fix it as well.


* log into you blogger blog
* click on settings
* click on comments
* scroll down to comment placement form and select the FULL PAGE option
* make sure that the button for full page is selected.
* scroll down and click save settings.

******This should do the trick for your own blog issues. Now tell others to do the same and we'll have it fixed.


Mkcoy said...

Yeah sometimes I've had it happen to me where clicking on the comment link doesn't do anything. The solution is to do what you say above and choose full page. Unfortunately switching it back doesn't fix it either. But it's a fix anyway still even if it goes to full page and not a popup.

Aarti Harish said...

Thanks so much...this really worked...and I could post replies to my fellow bloggers who had posted comments on my blog.

I am also not able to see the list of followers on my blog. How do I rectify this problem.

TC said...

Aarti. It depends on which type of followers your talking about. Google friends, blog catalog? If it is Google, you have to enable the followers by adding the followers gadget to your sidebar.

Joy said...

Thank you!!!!!! I was so frustrated with these unable to leave comment issues. You really helped me, and now my problem is fixed. I am going to leave a post on my blog to link to this in case anyone else has these issues.