Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Major Health Benefits Of Raw Food Nutrition

Checklist Of The Major Raw Food Benefits

Most people know that eating fresh vegetables, fruits and leafy greens is a great idea for healthy living and eating healthy. Here is the major reasons why. A simple quick reminder for the day. Especially since it is lunchtime here in the U.S. Maybe you will make some better choices today.

Raw live fruits and vegetables contain the original vitamins, minerals and enzymes of which some or all are destroyed by cooking.

Raw, whole, live foods have electrochemical energy and other nutritional messages that vibrate with frequencies that energize your body.

Raw foods help build and strengthen your immune system.

Raw foods increase your physical energy and vitality.

Eating raw foods helps you look and feel better.

Raw foods can help you lose weight.

Raw foods can help manage or cure chronic disease and allergies.

Raw foods help prevent diseases like cancer.

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Elizabeth Barrette said...

Raw food is wonderful. Today we got some fresh strawberries, I've been snacking on them while chopping some for bread pudding.

TC said...

That sounds tasty. Send some over to my blog. Yea, I am a huge advocate of raw food to balance out a total diet regimen for optimum well being. Thanks for stopping by.

Tricia said...

Raw foods are great. I love eating them in different ways, raw as nature intended and blended fruit and vegetables with some spice, such as cinnamon. yumm.

TC said...

I agree completely. Tasty stuff. You especially could use the beneficial enzymes from the raw vegetables & some fruits for your conditions. Hope all is going well.

Prevent Disease said...

Tasty Food...Good for health.

birdy said...

Nice article, great information. I think every thing in the nature is perfect. It's human, who spoils things at the cost of their health.

TC said...

@prevent disease. Thanks for stopping by.

@ birdy thank you for the compliment. Yes, it is true that we humans really need to quickly develop the wisdom to fully understand our impact on this planet and how we can improve it.