Monday, August 17, 2009

Families and Small Producers Destroyed By New Legislation & Big Business

Families and small farm producers all over the United States are being forced out of business by the new, poorly implemented food safety regulations. Somewhere down the line things have gotten really screwed up. In an effort to apparently improve the food supply, new food standard codes went into effect here in the U.S. back in October of 2008. The fallout of the new standards is starting to show it's effects. Small family farms & producers are getting the shaft and large corporations are getting the money from the federal government in the form of grants. The problem is that these small family's and producers are the ones that need the grants. In addition, the authorities have not allowed small producers enough time to adhere to the new regulations. The paperwork is to oppressive for small producers to keep up and meet the standards. The net result is more and more small farms, producers and families are having to close up shop, go bankrupt and lose their farms. Some lucky ones may be able to shift to other products to survive but the casualties will continue to mount. It is interesting that the larger corporations are the ones getting the grants to comply with the new standards but the small independent operations cannot get access to the funds. What will continue to happen to farm markets, local food coop's and access to small farm produced food which is often the truly organic & naturally produced food? Are we looking at the end of independent freedom to choose local fresh food & farm markets? Stay tuned. Read one family's story - Farm Online-Small Farms Being Destroyed Read about the modern day form of thug extortion in a similar vein as this story - Organic Consumers Association

Source: Farm Weekly


Brian, the old man said...

I know it is sad that the government basically is regulating these small farmers out of their legacy. Many of these farms have been passed down from generation to generation. I know I like to go to the Farmer's Market to get produce when I can to help support them in their efforts and obtain the freshest produce I can.

TC said...

We support local farm markets in our area. They are the best places to get quality organic produce & goods at reasonable prices. It would be sad to see that disappear as well as be detrimental to our health and small businesses across the country.