Friday, August 7, 2009

Are You Conscious? Living In Present Minded Awareness.

What do you consider being conscious? What do you feel it is like living in a state of consciousness or conscious awareness? Consciousness is defined loosely as being "awake" "aware" or connected; "In tune" with your environment, surroundings, other human beings and the planet. Many people who consider themselves "conscious" feel this sentiment but also know it as something more deeply connected than this. One of the final frontiers of human investigation is in the realm of consciousness. A research project I have followed for years is the Global Consciousness Project. They have been investigating whether a construct of integrated human compartmentalized or global consciousness can be validated. It is interesting stuff. You should check out their research. Being a student of science, psychology, spirituality and philosophy, I enjoy sharing and helping others to know themselves a bit more deeply as well as to open their realm of experience in life. This subject is far to expansive to blather on about in a blog post but I'll provide some further investigation into the realm.

Here is a new blog I think you will enjoy on the concepts of consciousness
The Star People

For more insight into consciousness, feel free to visit the links below. Good luck to you in your search for consciousness.
Stanford Excyclopedia of Philosophy
The Mystery of Consciousness
Global Consciousness Project
Gregg Braden
The Monroe Institute
John Kabat Zinn and John 2
Ken Wilber

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