Monday, August 3, 2009

Climate Change Data. A Video Worth Watching

What do you think about climate change? This is an interesting video about research on climate change showing there is a trend toward global warming. This video was previously being suppressed by a broadcast meteorologist, Anthony Watts, an avid anti-climate change reporter. He said there was a copyright infringement and had it temporarily removed from YouTube. You can see his comments at the link below the video. Research both sides of the coin. Let me know what you think about the global warming issue.

Video: Source

Anthony Watts comments Anthony Watts Blog Post


Cate said...

This is really informative stuff. I have read his blog on and off as it appears on the main wordpress page often. He does talk about a variety of climate topics which are all worth knowing about. Climate change is worrying but I think what people should be looking at is how to work together to contain the change and adapt to it instead of throwing out blame.
Good post!

Elizabeth Barrette said...

I think climate change is shifting the Earth's condition away from that which humans are adapted to survive. This is alarming.