Monday, July 6, 2009

World Population Day

World Population Day is July 11th. It is an annual event held on in July to raise awareness about global population issues. This year is the 20th annual event. The focus is Investing In Women Is The Smart Choice. The global economic crisis has hurt everyone but in many developing countries it is felt more severely among the women & children and has hindered the fight against poverty even in this country. If we want to arrest the lingering global crisis were facing today and the children are to be supporters of our future, it is vital to address this issue as part of the larger plan.

Policy responses that build on women's roles as economic agents can do a lot to mitigate the effects of the crisis on development, especially because women, more than men, invest their earnings in the health and education of their children. Investments in public health, education, child care and other social services help mitigate the impact of the crisis on the entire family and raise productivity for a healthier economy.

Investments in education and health for women and girls have been linked to increases in productivity, agricultural yields, and national income. Investments by governments worldwide have raised school enrollment rates, narrowed the gender gap in education, brought life-saving drugs to people living with AIDS, expanded HIV prevention, delivered bed nets to prevent malaria, and improved child health through immunization. I am not always a fan of UN sponsored programs or the UN in general but doing something is better than doing nothing. So please help out in some way and plan to support World Population Day this year! Click on the banner below to read more. If your a blogger click on the pick above to join Bloggers Unite.

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Irtiza104 said...

This is the 20th anniversary of world population day. the aim of this day is to raise awareness so the population explosion can be brought under control. It's very nice to see that bloggers are trying very hard to make this day a really meaningful one by blogging about this serious issue and raising awareness. BTW, i have also joined bloggers unite to blog about this issue.

best wishes.