Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Change The World Wednesday's

If you don’t know about Change The World Wednesday's, it is a program engaged by the blogging community to spread knowledge and create collaboration on issues focused on improving the world we all live in by collectively engaging in a weekly activity to be in some way more sustainable or environmentally friendly.

The goal to create a chain, of like minded individuals willing to blog and spread the word about ways to live a more sustainable & environmentally friendly life. If each participant has an average of 50-300 hits a day, 30-250 followers and regularly subscribed readers then just imagine the impact with this group alone. Then those people spreading the word to their connections to do the same. This can really grow to have a significant impact toward improving the environment and ourselves. Each Wednesday either I or Reduce Footprints will have posted a green challenge. If you're willing to accept the challenge and accomplish the task within the next week, let Small Footprints know in the comments section at Reduce Footprints. Then, write a post on your blog, letting your readers know what the challenge is and ask them to also commit to the task.

Each Wednesday she will post a new challenge and also include a link to everyone who committed to the previous week's task.

Here is one of our previous challenges: Read More Here

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