Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Alternative Therapy. Oh yea. It does work.

Well, this isn't a surprise. A government study finds some Alternative Medicine to be worthless. Give me a break. Who funded the research? What were the criteria? Who stands to benefit from trying to debunk alternative medical practices and people treating themselves? Go ahead keep playing the uneducated brain dead masses who will fall willingly into the pockets and sanctity of the drug companies, their lobbyists and oh yea, their financed studies of alternative therapies. Forget the brainwashed idiot allopathic, drug pushing doctors with narrow minded vision reaping the financial reward of peddling drugs. What a joke. Hopefully, you with brains will look past this propaganda fodder and take responsibility for your own well being. Much of your health is in your hands. By the are two facilities Hippocrates Institute Tree Of Life that have successfully treated multiple illnesses and disease often curing conditions classified as "terminal" illness through natural remedies and I have spoken personally with people who were at Hippocrates Inst. So I say to that press release...go pass your pedantic dissuaded rhetoric somewhere else because a thinking man of action has no time for your bull. Especially come fall & winter with the flu season. Screw off. I'll protect myself.


Anonymous said...

A great post....and it amazes me how they get away with such lies. Your blog is very informative and loaded with great info to help us to eat and live much healthier lives.

Anonymous said...

great post!!!!
amazing what they can say people believe them.
Your blog is full of great information on how we can eat and live much healthier lives.

TC said...

Alternative therapy and natural food treatments will continue to flourish. People are beginning to fully understand the success of these strategies