Saturday, June 20, 2009

5 Minute Of Caring -

I stopped by one of my favorite bookstores called Malprop's located in Asheville, NC this morning in honor of a my little birthday celebration weekend. Call it a favorite pastime activity but what I like to do is go into a bookstore and move along with the flow never with a specific intent but instead allowing books to call out to me. It is always inevitable that one pops out in a sense calling out to be heard. This is how I find 99% of the books I read. They just call out. Anyway, I came across the book called New Day Revolution - How To Save The World In 24 Hrs by Sam Davidson and Steven Moseley founders of You could read it in one quick sitting with a cup of your favorite stuff. It is loaded with simple daily activities done in 24 hrs that help to collectively create a significant impact on effective living strategies for humanity and living a better life. Here is a little bit about the organization & authors who wrote it. Check them out. Do a little something to be part of effecting positive growth for humanity.
I'm Cool Because Cool People Care is aiming to be THE online destination for anyone who wants to make a difference.

To some, making a difference means small, simple acts that can be done every single day. If that’s you, check out 5 Minutes of Caring articles. They’re daily 99-word articles that offer practical tips and motivation for you to make a positive impact each and every day.

To others, making a difference means showing up to local events that make the world a better place. If that’s you, visit our Act Locally calendar, which lists any event that benefits your local community. From 5k runs to volunteer opportunities, from lectures to fund raising dinners, we’ve got meaningful events covered in nearly every American city.

And to some other people, making a difference means hopping on board with a local nonprofit and focusing your efforts on one issue. If that’s you, visit our partner page. These community organizations support our work and we, in turn, want to send you to them. You want to change the world, and these groups are already doing so. Sounds like a match.

5 Minutes Of Caring:

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Sam Davidson said...

Glad you found the book - and glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for telling your world about it!

TC said...

Thanks Sam. No problem, your providing a great service.